Novel: Kipling's Daughter

About the Book

  • Category: Novel
  • Publisher: Anglo-Ink
  • Published on: Dec' 2018
  • Buy Online: Anglo-Ink


He’s a world-famous, Nobel-winning British writer. She’s heiress of a grand old Indian family. A book surfaces, remembering their secret tryst. And many comfortable worlds break open! Reuben White barely survives that wretched weekend. He's lost his girlfriend, job and swanky apartment in a moment of righteous rage. Cooped up in his dead brother's decrepit cottage in the back of nowhere, he finds a sprightly new friend in Molly, and a disturbing distraction in an old book. A startling secret surfaces from more than a hundred years ago. Simla, Bombay, London. Academics, literature, family history. Mumbai's glittering upper crust. A nasty kidnapping. Skeletons in the cupboard. There's never a dull moment. The old secret, irked by all the prodding and digging, is biting them back!