Novel: The Magic Store of Nu-Cham-Vu

About the Book

  • Category: Novel
  • Publisher: Penguin India
  • Publishing date: 6 August 2009
  • Buy Online: Amazon India


Shreekumar Varma excels in tales of fantastic adventure in strange lands and the toyshop of the horrible Nu-Cham-Vu provides plenty of scope for wondrous tales within tales in an exotic setting. Never a dull moment!

An extraordinary tale that comes with a special recomendation from Ruskin Bond. The Magic Store of Nu-Cham-Vu is brought to life by Vinayak Varma’s stunning illustrations and will enthral readers of all ages

Welcome to the Magic Store of Nu-Cham-Vu, located in Anchan Bay, a seaside village in an unknown corner of the world. Here you will find the most unusual things: chocolate cakes made of potatoes and cream, toffee rolled around sugar cane sticks and beetroot ice cream garnished with tomato-chili jam. It also sells the most amazing magical toys—a flute that can sense seasons, a toy bird that always speaks the truth and a doll that can do translations But the strangest creature of all is Nu-Cham-Vu, the monstrous owner of the store, who loves tormenting the parents and teasing the kids who come to buy his toys. One day the grown-ups decide to kick him out of Anchan Bay. But the children don’t want him to go. The battle is on. Will Nu-Cham-Vu be thrown out? Or will the children be able to save the Magic Store of Nu-Cham-Vu?.